Our company was the first in Poland which developed and successfully used a variety of unique research methods, such as:

  1. method of estimating the market shares of individual companies and brands in the market for a product group, including specificity of the distribution system, this method allows you to make a fundamental distinction between the structure of competition on the supply side, and the structure of competition on the demand side and fairly assess the competitive position of individual players in the market in a given period of time,
  2. method of analyzing the competitive environment, which, based on distribution of market shares for each company can be exerted on it to determine the aggregate competitive pressure and spread the pressure on price competition and market positioning, from the economic analysis in this method, you can determine what kind of budget the company should issue both to defend their current position and to expand
  3. method of estimating the volume and value of freight flows in the distribution system of building materials, we compare the distribution channels (long-classical, direct sales to the construction site, the channel of stores) with segments of consumers (do-it-yourself, buy-it-yourself, small professional, big professional) and the various sources of supply
  4. method for assessing the market value of signs and marks present on the markets of individual product groups, in this method the results of field research on the image and visibility of the individual companies and brands are translated, using an econometric model, the real economic values.

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