Our company operates in the market of research and consulting services continuously since 1990.

                                                            MARKET ANALYSIS - MARKETING RESEARCH - CONSULTING

Our mission is to create a picture of the market, provide information and advice to enterprises and institutions, to help them meet changing industry environment and consciously create a presence in selected areas of product-market.

  • First, we assist in making decisions, through market research, market analysis, strategic and operational advice, organizational and economic analysis.
  • Second, we help in the implementation of the decision; by creating work plans, organizing and supervising the activities and training. 

The main area of our business are advanced projects for the following industries:


With our 20 years of experience in selected areas of the economy, by carrying out innovative projects, we have developed our own unique method of research and analysis. Our proprietary methods are successfully used by other consulting and research companies. Experience combined with specialization allows us to be independent - and these are the main values that our customers appreciate.


We have developed high research skills and competitive offer of research services and information products, particularly in segments such as:

  • Research of raw materials markets and chemical products
  • Analysis of the construction and building materials markets
  • Research of store chains and typological buyers

We are able to professionally move in these industries and - in order to adapt to the specific needs of our clients - implement research tools to diagnose a variety of problems.

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