For over 10 years we specializing, among other things ,in the research and analysis of
the construction market and building materials market

We performed more than 500 research projects on the market of building materials and construction sector as a whole. Part of them are our own projects, based on the independently planned and funded field tests, regularly provide to participants of the construction industry market, in which we report on a several different product groups and cross-sectional analysis of the sector.

Our own research projects are usually created for many years, so we offer reports which are periodically updated, and each version is not a random ephemeral, but the effect of long-term accumulation of information and experience by our company.

Our Standard Reports usually describe:

  • the volume and value market, dynamics, trends of development
  • shares of the companies / brands in the market, sales estimates
  • competitive environment (areas of an aggressive competitive struggle and market positioning, promotional budgets and price competition, product development budgets, costs and profitability to gain 1% market share)
  • segments of customers, supply sources, distribution channels and the flow of goods
  • image and visibility of companies / brands, semantic profiles

Regardless of the reports listed on the list of report product - in the construction industry – we publish sectorial report on topics such as:

  • trends and directions of development of the construction
  • distribution system of building materials
  • warehouse sector of the building materials / sector of building material stores
  • construction chemicals market - industry analysis

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