On individual request of companies and organizations we have made the following market analysis
in the chemical industry:

  • methanol market
  • benzene market
  • formaldehyde market
  • MTBE market
  • market for acetic acid
  • caprolactam market
  • phenol market
  • market of distilled fatty acids
  • stearin market
  • olein market
  • glycerin market
  • market for synthetic resins
  • market for polymers of styrene
  • market for industrial coatings
  • pectin market
  • market for plasticizers
  • market for plastic packaging
  • multilayer barrier foil market
  • electrical insulation materials market
  • market for cotton-phenol boards
  • market for glass-epoxy plates
  • market mica tape
  • copper-foiled laminate market
  • market for silver nitrate
  • silver carbonate market
  • potassium gold cyanide market
  • market for platinum and palladium
  • surfactants market
  • market selected household chemical products
  • market selected products of industrial chemistry
  • market selected products of plastics
  • selected pharmaceuticals market

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